NeuroRecovery Technologies is a new, cutting-edge medical technology company focused on the design and development of devices and applications to help restore function & movement in patients with paralysis. Our current technology evolved from collaborative research between The University of California Los Angeles, The California Institute of Technology, and The University of Louisville.

Through efforts of combined research, the NeuroRecovery team has achieved results that have placed them at the forefront of advancing the recovery and rehabilitation of patients with paralysis, beginning with those who have incurred a spinal cord injury.

As recognized by their peers, the NeuroRecovery team is being credited with accomplishing a remarkable medical breakthrough. Initial clinical evaluation has revealed the ability of the company’s patent pending technology and method of approach to restore voluntary movement and independent standing, along with varying degrees of restored function to bladder & bowel control, temperature regulation, blood pressure and sexual function in nearly 20 subjects with complete or partial paralysis.

NeuroRecovery Technologies is dedicated to developing disease and injury specific devices to help restore optimal physiological function to damaged neural circuits and their target end points. Our goal is to commercialize and make readily available new technological advancements in medical devices, complemented by good clinical practices, which bring about the recovery of neuromotor and sensory function of the brain and spinal cord.

We will begin with devices for the spinal cord injured patient, and then progress to other disease states and injuries which inflict the nervous system. Through methodical growth of our infrastructure and steady expansion, first providing sales and distribution within the continental United States and then expanding internationally, we endeavor to become a world leader in devices for neurological recovery.

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