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Paralysed man moves legs after spine ‘retrained’

AN AMERICAN paralysed from the chest down has recovered the ability to stand and move his legs unaided after his damaged spine was retrained using electrical stimulation.

Andrew Meas, 33, of Louisville, Kentucky, was able to stand almost immediately after electrodes implanted into the lower part of his spine were switched on. But it is the fact that he now has some movement even when the implant is turned off that has astonished scientists.

The results are potentially revolutionary as they indicate that the spine could be capable of recovery years after being damaged.

Meas suffered a spinal injury in a car crash in 2007 that left his trunk and lower limbs paralysed. He is one of three volunteers to take part in a study into the use of electrical stimulation in people with spinal injuries, run by scientists from the Frazier Rehab…

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