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Our Technology

The company is focused on the development of a unique spinal cord neuromodulation system, a non-invasive transcutaneous electrical stimulation system to serve a significant unmet clinical need – restoring function in patients with paralysis; with the initial focus on restoring hand function.

After a spinal cord injury communication between the brain and spinal cord is disrupted leading to a block in transmitting signals to and from the brain, to the spinal cord itself, and from the spinal cord to the areas of the body (arms, legs, organ systems) that it helps to regulate and control. All leading to varying degrees of loss of function and paralysis.

Recognizing that there is residual capacity for control of movement and function within the spinal cord following an injury, Transcutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulation is applied providing gradual excitation to the spinal cord to enable recovery and restored function.

What allows this recovery to take place by means of a non-invasive “through the skin” approach is the company’s patented wave forms. There therapeutic effect of the transmitted electrical stimulation through our patented waveforms re-awakens the dormant circuits re-establishing communication between the spared neural networks and the brain.

External Neuromodulator

  1. Both a diagnostic tool and treatment device
  2. Therapeutic stimulation is delivered through hydrogel electrodes
  3. Hand held portable device for home use
  4. Integrates with a physician base station
  5. Wireless technology for transmitting and receiving data