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Our Products

The company is focused on the development of two unique spinal cord neuromodulator systems (electric stimulation devices) sharing platform technology to address a significant unmet clinical need – restoring function and movement in patients with paralysis.

The first product is a non-invasive external (transcutaneous) system, which we believe to be a Class II non-significant risk device (FDA DeNovo submission), for those individuals with partial to complete paralysis.

The second system is an implantable (Epidural) system used to optimally treat individuals with severe motor paralysis who do not respond to our transcutaneous device.

Each system is composed of complementary electrodes plus a pulse generator containing proprietary circuitry and algorithms with our discovered formula for reactivating neural circuits. The systems facilitate customized programming and independent control of multiple stimulation sites.

External Neuromodulator

  • Both a diagnostic tool and treatment device

  • Therapeutic stimulation is delivered through hydrogel electrodes

  • Hand held portable device for home use

  • Integrates with a physician base station

  • Wireless technology for transmitting and receiving data


Implantable Neuromodulator

  • Variable control of stimulation parameters
    (frequency, amplitude, pulse duration, etc.)

  • Customizable to each patients needs

  • Regulated by a wireless hand held controller

  • Wireless network capability for transmitting and receiving data

  • Rechargeable Lithium ion battery